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Dining/Restaurants and Chefs

Dining/Restaurants and Chefs

MedicalTourism hungaryGreater Miami is the birthplace of New World Cuisine, and without a doubt, dining out here is like entering a new world of tastes, sights, aromas, seasonings and sensations. It’s a place where everyone brings something to the table, as the flavors of countless cultures are showcased on dining tables everywhere, from Aventura down to Homestead. But no matter when you visit, more than 6,000 dining spots will be waiting.

Food For Thought

Dining/Restaurants and ChefsJust over 20 years ago, a handful of area chefs combined local produce with influences from the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia to create the region’s signature New World Cuisine, putting Miami in the nation’s culinary spotlight while introducing ingredients like mangoes, guava, yucca and hearts of palm to kitchens around the world. Today, Miami has already surpassed its image as the capital of New World Cuisine, and is home to a constantly evolving landscape of renowned eateries whose chefs continue to push the frontiers of culinary excellence.

A tour of Tastes

In addition to such fascinating culinary mergers, other eateries narrow their food focus to a specific concentration. In Greater Miami, where the influences of Latin America are particularly strong, an entire universe of restaurants represents nearly every country and culinary heritage in the hemisphere, from Cuban and Dominican to Colombian and Peruvian.

Culinary Crossroads

As chefs in Greater Miami take their cue from what’s growing locally, diners are treated to a veritable buffet of tastes from around the world, including fusions that boggle the imagination. Greater Miami isn’t just one of the most exciting destinations in the United States; it is known around the world as a culinary crossroads where different cultures, cooking styles and spices all converge on local menus. From sweet plátanos maduros (fried plantains) to juicy Argentinean churrasco steaks, a perfectly seasoned Béchamel sauce or the drizzle of mango and key lime over lobster, culinary masterpieces abound in the Magic City. Meanwhile, the cuisines of Italy, France, Spain, the Mediterranean, India and even the good-ole USA are well represented in the Magic City, along with mouthwatering dishes from Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Middle East and the Midwest. For a complete list of dining options in Greater Miami and the beaches, visit www.MiamiandBeaches.com. If you’re visiting during August or September, don’t miss a chance to sample some of our area’s most spectacular cuisine during the Miami Spice restaurant Program, when Greater Miami and the Beaches’ top restaurants offer mouthwatering meals at incredible savings. For more information, visit www.iLoveMiamiSpice.com. *Patients undergoing medical procedures or treatments should consult with their physicians about diet recommendations and restrictions.

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