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How Much Should I Budget for My Medical Tourism Trip To MIAMI?

How Much Should I Budget for My Medical Tourism Trip To MIAMI

How Much Should I Budget for My Medical Tourism Trip To MIAMI The amount of money you will need to budget for your medical trip to Miami will depend on factors such as length of stay, accommodation choice and lifestyle preferences. To get a good estimate of the costs associated to your medical trip, try breaking down your trip into its principal elements and then adding up the costs.

Let’s take as an example a patient traveling to Miami for a hernia repair procedure. The approximate costs including a companion would be as follows:*

  • Surgical procedure: $8,400 USD
  • Travel: $800 USD
  • Lodging: $900 USD ($150 x 6 nights)
  • Transportation: $200 USD
  • Meals: $450 USD ($75 per day)
  • Entertainment: $300 USD
  • Shopping and souvenirs: $400 USD

Approximate total: $11,450 USD

As shown in the above example, most of these elements can be calculated with a fairly high degree of accuracy. For example, flights to Miami can be found for under $500 dollars round trip, and are frequently available from major U.S. cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston. If you are flying in from Latin America, Europe, or Asia, then you will likely pay more for your flights, however, vacation packages and other deals can always lower your costs.

As far as accommodation, it is not uncommon to find excellent threefour star hotels at under $100 dollars a night including breakfast.

Transportation within the Miami metropolitan area will likely be by rent-a-car or Taxicab. Choosing a mid-sized rent-a-car with insurance will run you approximately $300 dollars plus gas (about $50 per day). If you opt for using a taxicab then at the very minimum expect to pay between $150-$200 dollars taking into account airport transfers, hotel to hospital round trips and some outings for dinner or shopping.

Where meals are concerned, you should budget at least $75 dollars per day for two assuming that your hotel includes breakfast.

Entertainment and shopping costs are never easy to predict, particularly in a high profile tourism destination such as Miami. However, as a patient it is important for you to remember that your main focus is to recover from your procedure or treatment.

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