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Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

In recent years, new technological advancements have made robotic surgical systems an important tool for treating certain medical conditions. Robotic surgery is minimally invasive and offers many advantages over traditional methods including: smaller incisions resulting in less pain, less scarring and faster recovery times.

Robotic SurgeryTwo well know robotic systems are the Da Vinci® Surgical system and the Mako Rio® Robotic Arm system. The Da Vinci® Surgical system is used in urological, gynecological and cardiovascular procedures as well as noncancerous kidney conditions involving blockage.

The Mako Rio® Robotic Arm system is being used in orthopedic procedures such as total hip replacement, partial knee resurfacing that require a high level of precision.

For information about Greater Miami hospitals that offer these procedures, please see page 68 of this guide.

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