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About the Author

About the Author

Renée-Marie Stephano

President of the Medical Tourism Association®

About the AuthorRenée-Marie Stephano is the President and Co-Founder of the Medical Tourism Association® and Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Tourism Magazine and the Health and Wellness Destination Guide Series of Books. Ms. Stephano has authored several books from Developing International Patient centers, Best Practices in Facilitation, to Medical Tourism for Insurers and Employers, and the most recent, Engaging Wellness.

 about the author Ms. Stephano is an attorney and specializes in working with governments and hospitals to develop sustainable medical tourism/international patient programs and strategies. She has worked with governments and hospitals all over the globe in developing healthcare clusters, international patient departments and long term international patient strategic plans. Ms. Stephano works with Ministers of Health, Tourism & Economic Development in developing public private partnerships to support medical tourism and at the same time to provide a benefit and return to the local community. She organizes one of the only Ministerial Summits that brings together every year; Ministers of Health, Tourism and Economic Development.

She has helped assess the feasibility and opportunities of international programs for both U.S. and international hospitals, cities and countries with international expansion, clinical development and affiliations and partnerships. She also consults governments in the development of sustainable Medical Tourism Zones & Free Healthcare Zones.

Ms. Stephano is a keynote speaker at international conferences and has been mentioned in several media publications around the world. Ms. Stephano serves on the Board of Directors for the International Healthcare Research Center, a 501c3, non-profit medical tourism research center, the Corporate Health & wellness Association, and two Washington DC Based lobbying groups focused on lobbying the U.S. Congress for the benefits of Medicare reimbursement overseas and the support of U.S. hospitals in their overseas initiatives.

You may reach Renée-Marie at:
[email protected]

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