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Appropriate Tourism

Appropriate Tourism

Although Greater Miami has much to offer visitors as a tourism destination, it is important to remember that your primary reason for visiting the city is to correct a medical condition or to renew your health. Therefore it is extremely important that you follow your doctor’s advice regarding rest and leisure activities. If you have undergone a triple heart bypass in the last week, don’t expect your doctor to allow you to engage in any strenuous activities or to stay out long in the heat. Refusing to follow your doctor’s indications even in the smallest detail could lead to a slower healing process or even a medical complication. Don’t take any chances with your health!

Medical Complications

Every surgical procedure has inherent risks. Often those risks are minimal, but you should be aware of them. Every patient has his or her own set of risks and these should be discussed with the surgeon and your personal physician at length before the surgery. The risks associated with anesthesia are mainly related to allergic reactions to medications used for this purpose.

Even after a successful surgery, you might experience complications such as blood clots or an infection. You need to discuss with your surgeon the specific risks for your case. Your surgical team is trained in how to deal with and lessen the chance of complications occurring right after the surgery. If complications do occur, they could necessitate the patient a second surgery in order to correct the problem. Your surgeon will inform you regarding the treatment options available if you suffer a complication.

Contact your Surgeon if

  • You develop a fever.
  • Your wound feels hot or your wound is oozing.
  • The problems for which you are having the surgery get worse.
  • You have severe pain at the incision site.
  • You are having pain or a burning sensation when passing urine.

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